New Ways to End Your Diesel Engine Oil Burning Problem

New engine maintenance products are ending diesel engine oil burning problems, and avoiding costly repair expense.

Here’s an introduction to a new upgrade oil change method that reduces to a minimum, or ends oil loss – chemically. And this method works without need for sticky thick additives, or heavily thickened, once thin motor oil, or even a motor rebuild marketed for such problems.

If you own a diesel that has many years of use and one day started burning motor oil, you may have become alarmed by the development.

A quick check with friends suggest adding sticky additives, or a thicken oil, advertised for that purpose. These, you find, do not help much. Nor did such products end your motor’s power decline caused by oil burning negatives.

Before you learn of new oil burning control products that do work, here are things you should find helpful to ending your diesel engine oil burning condition.

Causes of diesel engine oil burning.

There are several reasons for your diesel oil burning problem and its oil consumption. Oil circulates to provide cooling and lubrication. One of the places oil goes to lube and cool is at your motor’s piston rings. Piston rings are loose-fitting bracelet-like parts that have two jobs.

  1. One function is to keep your motors 1500 degree combustion on top of your engine pistons so the forces of combustion push your engine down to spin the gears and wheels.
  2. The other function is to wipe away oil slashed on the pistons and their rings for needed lubrication.

Over time, piston rings become sticky, and along with wear spaces allow your crankcase motor oil to be sucked into the combustion cycle.

Between oil changes, oil loss can grow to a 4 quart replacement need. To much oil loss is no good for your engine, of course! That is your problem!

Remedies to end diesel oil burning problems.

A mechanic will suggest an engine overhaul, or a new motor, as choice for your oil consumption solution. Overhaul includes a rebuild of the upper part of your motor where engine valves are located and where engine valve slot wear can be a source of oil escape into the combustion area. And new piston rings and a clean up of related dirty conditions. The price is staggering! Cost can run from $3,000 to $7,000.

Another idea us mechanics have is to just replace your worn engine valve guides. And ignore replacement of new piston rings. The idea is that this repair would block your motor oil from going into the combustion area. That repair cost over $1500 up, and usually does not end oil burning.

How additives comes to the diesel oil burning problem rescue.

Since sticky piston rings are at fault, why not clean and free them with something called a tune up oil, with cleaning properties. Such tune-up oil products are not powerful enough to do so, and cannot operate at the 800 degree level of heat present around piston rings. They do not end the oil burn off problem.

Detergents are good cleaners, but have proved weak and unable to clean and free sticking piston rings and end oil’s escape.

Some people suggest using a sticky, honey-like product in hopes their glue-like nature can stop the flow of oil pass poor-functioning piston rings. These thick, gooey products do work when added to the motor’s oil. However, their larger molecule size and sticky nature may tend to slow or choke the oil’s ability to flow to the motors paper-thin size lube spaces. That is not good!

Chemical cleaners with anti-wear characteristics are gaining favor as these prove to clean and free sticky piston rings operating in near metal-melting temperatures. As their cleaning process continues, piston rings again flex outward in their up and down travel.

This renewed ring flexing ability again holds combustion above the piston area, and blocks oils escape to the burning process.

Further control to end a diesel engine oil burning problem is the method of cleaning of piston rings from both top and bottom of the piston. An advantage not gained by older oil additives.

Mega Power is an engine maintenance product brand using these chemical cleaners and conditioners that block oil’s escape, having none of the drawbacks older products sold have. Cost is under $100, not thousands. Their method’s success is a 2 step method installed for top of motor cleaning and freeing of your piston rings, This by addition to the fuel tank, air intake, and also your diesel motor oil side to free and clean. Driving does the actual work of freeing sticky piston rings. Any man or woman car owner can install the product – not just a mechanic. Learn more at