Imagination Is the True Magic Carpet!

“Imagination is the true magic carpet.” – Norman Vincent Peale: was a minister and author of inspirational books

That sounds pretty interesting, doesn’t it: Imagination is the true magic carpet. Do you get those pictures in your mind also of Aladdin, or any kind of Walt Disney movie about magic carpets? Wow, I just did, and you know it is so true what Dr. Peale says here.

Now what does a magic carpet do? What can you do with it? You can travel to wherever you want to do, or you can get whatever you want, just close your eyes and imagine it, and zip, there you go.

Here is the caveat though. Nothing happens until you truly have that picture of what you really, really want crystal clear in the forefront of your mind, you’ve got to see it with such clarity that you can touch it (the steering wheel of your brand new car), you can smell it (the leather of the interior of your brand new car), you can hear it (the soft humming of the engine of your brand new car), you can taste it (your coffee kept warm in that warming cup holder in your brand new car).

All of this sensual experiencing is what you do in your daily meditation – this could be part of your morning ritual or just sitting quietly for 2 minutes – 15 seconds to look at the picture of the car you desire to have and then 1.45 minutes with eyes closed going through the exercise above. You can do this as many times a day as you like – the more you do it, the more serious you are about it, the more powerful your message to the Universe, the faster changes will occur in your life that will enable you to purchase that car.

You see, anything, really anything you see around you, the computer you are reading this message from, the chair you are sitting in etc. etc. etc. literally ANYTHING started in someone’s imagination – someone thought of it and wanted it so badly that they found a way to bring it into being. You can do exactly the same thing.

As a matter of fact – you are a magnificent manifestor already – you just don’t realize it! Anything you have in your life, good or bad, you called it into manifestation at some point in your life; you kept thinking about it, consciously or unconsciously, the latter usually because you “hate something with a passion” when it applies to something you definitely do not want – and guess what, you got it.

I invite you to think today about what you are thinking about. Read that again and think about it, give it some serious thought, because what you want in your life is dependent on how and whether you think about it at all.

“Imagination is the most marvelous, miraculous, inconceivably powerful force known to man on this planet” – Napoleon Hill – Think & Grow Rich.

Food for thought!