Welcome to Austria, Europe

As Federal President of the Republic of Austria I have accepted with pleasure the patronage of the ”7th World Conference on Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion” to be held in 2004 in Vienna.

For many years I have followed attentively the international scientific activities in this field, which are also reflected in meetings and congresses in Austria. And I am glad that the relevant issue of risk and injury prevention will be discussed in Vienna.

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Our modern world, which – through communication and technology - has made life much easier for us, has unfortunately also lead to a multiplication of the risks and threats with which we have to live, a fact too little noticed and inadequately investigated so far.

It has thus also become increasingly necessary to analyse the wide realm that has opened itself in the field of risk prevention.

I hope that the result of this World Conference will contribute to making questions of safety and injury prevention a central issue, thus reducing the risks faced by human beings.

Welcome to Vienna in 2004!

Dr. Thomas Klestil
Honorary Chair of Conference

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