The Essentials in Jeff Gordon Merchandise

He has been the winner of the NASCAR Sprint Cup series four times, and the Daytona 500 three times. He holds third place on the all times wins list, and is the wins leader in races since 1972. He was the first NASCAR driver to receive the Heisman Humanitarian Award, and he was the very first NASCAR driver to exceed $100 million dollars in career race winnings. He’s the driver of #24 – Jeff Gordon.

As a true blue Gordy fan, you probably have more of his merchandise than you can shake a stick at. You’ve got all the model cars, the signed posters and jerseys you can find. You’ve purchased all the race DVDs and the coffee table books. You might have even bought a racing video game or two just for the reason that the tutorials feature Jeff Gordon. Merchandise is merchandise, though, but what you certainly might need is something slightly more genuine, slightly more personal. What you may want is a Wallhauler from

What is a Wallhauler? A Wallhauler is a piece of Jeff Gordon merchandise that’s so far above all the other Jeff Gordon merchandise that it is more similar to a work of art than merchandise.

Wallhaulers are limited edition, NASCAR licensed, race car doors. They are created from the same .040″ gauge aluminum just like the real deal, measuring the same 54″ by 28″ as the real deal, and are finished with the same 3M Controltac vinyl just like the real thing. The finish is laminated to avoid UV fading, and they’re light weight and include their own easy mount system for wall mounting. In fact, the only real difference between a Wallhauler and Jeff Gordon’s actual door is that the Wallhauler is easier to have on your wall. This is the ultimate piece of Jeff Gordon merchandise on the market and the pinnacle of any Jeff Gordon merchandise collection.

NASCAR is centered around speed, and skill, and the wonderful noise of the machines and their drivers. NASCAR is about attaining the highest performance that’s possible out of normal engineering. NASCAR is about the big names and the famous faces, and it is about the underdog and the last minute victory stories. NASCAR is about a lot of things, and one of the most honored of those things is charity. The Wallhaulers team honors that institution by donating a portion from the sale of each Wallhauler to the driver’s official charity. When you buy a Wallhauler you aren’t simply picking up a valuable piece of Jeff Gordon merchandise, you’re also supporting the Jeff Gordon Foundation which supports children afflicted by chronic and life-threatening illnesses.

On the subject of Jeff Gordon merchandise, it doesn’t get much greater than a #24 Wallhauler. When you put this physical symbol of speed and strength and skill on your wall you’re telling the world where you stand. Each time you view your Wallhauler you hear the throaty roar of the motor, feel the heat of the track on your face, and remember why it is you love NASCAR. At the end of the day, a model car is nothing more than but a toy, and a shirt is just a shirt, but NASCAR is a thing of beauty and Wallhaulers are works of art.