The Amendment Of Hindu Marriage Act 1955 – India Law

As per the Supreme Court senior advocate Kamini Jaiswal it can currently take the couples anywhere from 6 months to 20 years to obtain a divorce. According to Union Law Minister M. Veerappa Moily there are 55,000 divorce cases pending in the courts across the country as reported in the local press.

Mr. Veerappa Moily also ruled out amending the Hindu Marriage Act in order to accommodate the Khap Panchayat’s demands. The Khap Panchayats have been demanding a ban on marriages within the same ”gotra” or sub caste and wanted the Hindu Marriage Act to be amended accordingly.

The amendment is based on the recommendations of the Law Commission, first in April, 1978 and then in March 2009, together with a series of judgments by the Supreme Court. In fact, the apex court had recommended to the Central government in 2006 that it should include irretrievable breakdown as a criterion for divorce between the parties. Several cases have been decided … Read the rest

When Looking For An Immigration Law Firm New York Clients Should Keep These Tips In Mind

Legal issues pertaining to immigration are not always straightforward and are most effectively handled by a professional immigration lawyer. When it comes to finding and securing the services of an immigration law firm New York clients must be sure they carefully look into the background of each candidate in order to find the most qualified one.

Whenever possible, it’s good to get a recommendation from someone whom one knows, or one can also search online for suitable law firms which have handled similar types of cases in the past and had positive outcomes in most incidences. Consulting either a bar association or the AILA (American Immigration Lawyers Association) can also result in a referral to someone.

Then the client should call several firms and ask a few questions just to determine if they able to take on the case or not. Those which seem like potential candidates are the ones the client should set up appointments with to meet in … Read the rest

Assistant General Counsel Job Description For People Interested In This Career

Have you ever though about a career as an assistant general counsel? There are lots of people who want to take up these jobs because they are interested in this field. Organizations that are medium or large in size have a legal department.

The chief legal officer who is responsible for looking after the legal matters of the organization is the general counsel. There is very much demand for these people in the organizations. These people who work for the organizations are usually known as the in house counsel.

This is because they do not work in the law firms but they are directly attached to the company of the clients. There are big companies which also hire some attorneys who work under the general counsel.

These attorneys help the counsel and they are known as the assistant general counsel. The jobs attorney has to do is to assist the general counsel. If you go to the job description manager … Read the rest

Mesothelioma Law Firm – How To Choose The Best One For You

The choice of the law firm to handle your mesothelioma lawsuit is a very important choice to make. You must choose a law firm that will suit your needs. You must bear in mind that mesothelioma lawsuits tend to drag over a long time and they can be very expensive.

The road to justice in most of these lawsuits is often not very smooth and getting your desired justice might not be that easy.

The law firm you hire must be able to deliver the main goal of the lawsuit which is to win the case for you. The firm you choose will determine whether or not you will get the compensation you deserve, so you will have to choose very well. The better your choice, the better your chances of winning the case. Your law firm must be able to get you the justice you desire, be sure to explore all the options before you, do not rush into … Read the rest

Divorce Legal Help Resources To Find A Nice Lawyer On The Web

Are you and your partner preparing to undergo a divorce in the Milwaukee area? Instead of fighting and having to go through aggravating courtroom battles, it is best to consider handling it in a more civil way. A pair can select to have their divorce dealt with in a collaborative approach that works out higher for each parties. Traditionally, there was a whole lot of preventing and negativity involved in the case of divorce proceedings, but things are improving and it would not must be that manner any longer.

All of the resentment and courtroom fights which have a unfavorable impression on kids may be averted by collaborating. Does this imply issues won’t arise within the process? Undoubtedly not, however it definitely does make it easier. It’s a lot better to speed to retain a baby custody legal professional together than to get two separate attorneys.

Make positive you understand exactly what you intend to ask and record the solutions … Read the rest

Tips For Finding The Reliable Car Accident Lawyer Opelousas

A lot of people get injured due to the car accidents that are caused due to the negligence of another person. If you are involved in the automobile accidents, then you may have to face the worst consequences. In that case, the wise option will be to take the help of a car accident lawyer in Opelousas. The lawyers are specialized in cases that are related to the road accidents. These layers are also referred as the personal injury lawyers. Their main job is to take care of the medical and technical issues that are associated with the car accidents. In addition, they will also help you to file claims for getting the required compensation.

Mentioning the legal rights

The car accident may result in severe loss like brain injury, property damage and death. They will mention all the legal rights in court that are violated or infringed by the incidence of a car accident. A fixed part of the … Read the rest

Law Firm Search Engine Marketing

Law Firm Search Engine Marketing is a process of marketing and design of your online business website to increase the number of visitor for your site. This is a long-term course of action that is why a large number of organizations appoint Law Firm Marketing for this task. These Attorney Search Engine Marketing companies keep their attention on their basic skills.

In a highly competitive legal profession, the need of Law Firm Marketing realized that the Internet is the best source for online business in search of clues. Lawyers mostly have to use innovative approach to the visibility of the Internet, whose methods have moved beyond traditional Attorney Search Engine Marketing.

Lawyers are aware that Internet branding campaign takes time. Customers not only look for “quick fixes” turnkey “, because their association is a long term relationship. However, the results are satisfactory both personally and professionally.
A Law Firm Marketing know the value of persistence as they worked long years … Read the rest

Need a Lawyer – 6 Sensible Reasons to Hire

Not all legal issues need a professional lawyer. Going to a small claims court and of course handling a speeding fine are of course good examples. Nonetheless, in some other predicaments of which involve any legal disagreements you might not want to do it on your own without the expertise of a professional and well educated lawyer. Proper legal support comes at a price, however really does help one through a number of tough situations, including losing one’s job, divorce settlement or some other type or kind of violation.

While each person’s legal situation is different, there are times when you really should hire a lawyer. Below are the top ten reasons. Following are a few good reasons as to why one should consider such.

1. Law can be a complex subject – If one is not trained in law terminology then handling one’s own legal situations is a very tough proposition. There are lawyers with many years of experiential … Read the rest

Every Business Should Have An Employment Attorney

An employment attorney can represent your business if you are ever accused of discrimination or terminating someone for some unjust reason. It is not enough to simply hope that you will never have to deal with such a situation. People that lose their jobs for one reason or another are often bitter and looking to get even in some way. Don’t let your company be blindsided by unforeseen accusations. Be ready to defend your actions with the help of an employment litigation lawyer that has handled these types of cases in the past.

Your reputation as a legitimate enterprise could be on the line if someone accuses your company of treating employees unfairly. It doesn’t matter if the situation in question has to do with wages, confidentiality agreement violations, or some disciplinary action. An employment attorney can review the corresponding labor and employment laws and your current practices to advise you. In most cases, there are surveillance tapes, time clock … Read the rest

The Responsibilities Of A Dwi Defense Lawyer Minnesota

Finding yourself in a legal soup caused due to driving while intoxicated can be a trying situation. The lack of a legal expert to pull you out of prison and secure your temporary release and fight your case to ensure you get permanent respite can spell trouble. Each year thousands of people in Minnesota face DWI charges which keeps the DWI defense lawyers on their toes at all times. The DWI defense lawyer Minnesota is the legal expert who has sufficient knowledge and training in this domain that can work in your favour during this phase. Having a DWI defense attorney Minnesota does not necessarily guarantee that all charges against you will be dropped, but it will definitely assure you of physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

One of the biggest predicaments that you are sure to face is whether or not to plead guilty to the charges. There are times when people accept their charges and then hire the services … Read the rest