What Does Vibration Have To Do With the Law Of Attraction

The theory behind the law of attraction is the idea that energy magnetises to it, like energy in the huge expanse of space and time that comprises our universe. Everyone’s being is constantly radiating energy out into space; the type of energy being radiated is identified by the emotional state of the person in question and might vary from day to day-sometimes even hour to hour!

This emotional energy is exactly what is generally known as a “vibe” and is referred to as a vibration by scientists researching the law of attraction. Possibilities are that you are familiar with the term. Have you ever been with someone who is so happy they appear to be radiating a “radiance which inspires happiness in all those around them? By the same token, have you ever before hung around with somebody who was so critical and miserable that they regularly produced a “negative vibration” which seemed to suck the life and joy out … Read the rest