Using The Law Of Attraction To Locate Your Perfect Partner Part 1

Using the Law of Attraction…

You are not alone in making poor dating or relationship selections. The majority of us do it sooner or later in our lives. Depressingly enough, some people continue performing it for our entire lives! I was in significant danger of continuously repeating my romantic relationship mistakes, I gave the issue a lot of thought, mostly for my self-preservation! I believe you can find two major reasons for why we have problems finding our perfect partner or true love. e.

First of all, we quite often have negative behavior patterns which we repeat over and over. An example of this might be emotional unavailability, that makes a genuine connection challenging. Another might be low confidence therefore you put others wants above yours, so you will never be satisfied. Another factor to consider is not emphasizing what we want. We don’t really know what we want which means that we wind up having default relationships that will … Read the rest