Have You Been Injured By A Loose Manhole Contact A New York Car Accident Lawyer

New York City is a very busy city and with more than eight million people living in it. This many people moving around the city everyday wears down the city streets. As a result of this wear and tear people are working around the clock to fix damage that have been done. According to New York Car Accident Lawyers one of the biggest causes for concern while driving in the city is manholes.

A manhole is a hole in the ground which construction workers, utility workers, and electricians use as a means of utility storage. The most common use of manholes is to connect utilities that are stored underground, to the surface. Many manholes in New York City are connected to the underground sewer system. Manholes can normally be found at main intersections to make it easier for construction workers to access them. Although manholes may seem safe to many drivers, they arent. New York car accident lawyers have dealt … Read the rest