How To Get My Ex Boyfriend Back By Using The Law Of Attraction

There are natural laws of the universe that you can use to get your ex boyfriend back. Just like the law of gravity, which is unbreakable, there are other natural laws. The predominant law of the universe is the law of attraction. The law of attraction states like will be attracted by like. Stated more clearly, what you think about you bring about.

So what are you thinking?

You had a breakup. You feel bad. Your thoughts are making you feel bad, you play scenarios over and over again. All you can think about is your ex is no longer with you. By the law of attraction – you will attract more of the same. You will attract the lack of your boyfriend. By law, he cannot come back.

So what works? Use the law of attraction, deliberately to get what you want.

How? By deliberately offering thoughts and actions that attract your ex back.

Like what? Like imagining he … Read the rest