Dubai New Tenant Law A Brief Introduction

According to a survey conducted by Statistics Center of Dubai in 2006, about 85% of Dubai population was made of expatriates. Majority of them lives in rental units. That leaves them solely on landlords mercy. Rising rents have long been the biggest worry for these expatriates, with rents getting doubled and tripled in no time. This relation between tenants and landlords became more tensed with issues like landlords vehemently asking tenants to vacate house without any prior notice. Dubai Government first reacted by putting rental caps and now a new law signed by His Highness Sheikh Mohamad bin Rashid Al Maktoum on 26th November 2007 has been introduced. Read on to see what kind of changes it will make.

Tenants Point of View:

Tenants are relieved in many ways by this particular law. For instance

Addressing the issue of abnormal raise in rents, this law prevents any increase or amendment made in tenancy contract for first two years.

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