California Lemon Law Firm Helps Protect Your Rights

If you have questions about lemon law, you should stop right now and contact product liability attorneys California. These are lawyers who specialize in lemon law cases and these lemon law firms are here to help consumers. But what is the “lemon law?” Maybe you have heard the term bandied about, and you wonder, “Does that apply to me? My car is broken, inoperable…again…and yet here I am still making payments while that hunk of junk rusts in the driveway!” Don’t be that guy or that girl. Get answers.

First, in a nutshell, here is the general description of the law that a lemon law firm will use to begin determining if you should hire product liability attorneys California. According to the State of California:

A purchaser or lessee of a motor vehicle has various rights under both state and federal law if the vehicle does not perform as provided under an express warranty. Warranty law can be complex, and it is impossible to describe comprehensively all of the law in a brief space. The following comments briefly explain the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act and what is popularly known as the “Lemon Law.” This message is not a substitute for your contacting your own lawyer who can best advise you of your rights under the particular circumstances of your case. The Attorney General’s office cannot advise you of your legal rights and cannot represent you in a warranty dispute.

So, bottom line – you have certain rights and protections under the law, and these particular rights and protections can be both complex and case specific. What that means is there is no “rule of thumb,” and what “worked or didn’t work for that guy” may not apply in your case. But it might. The point here is not to assume you understand your rights, nor is it to assume that you may not have any rights in your particular set of circumstances. Each case has its own merits and only a qualified and certified lemon law firm is able to look at your case and properly advice you as to its merits and your rights under the law.

Think about it this way – if you decide not to contact any lemon law firms and just let your car sit there, you have gained absolutely nothing. And, if you pour more money into a problem you may not be financially responsible for under the law, not only have you gained nothing, you are out money that could have been spent on other things. That’s the unfortunate double whammy that comes from doing nothing. Now, ask yourself this: “Have I explored the merits of my case sufficiently, so that I know that I am not losing money while gaining nothing?” If the answer to that question is “no,” then you need to contact product liability attorneys California as soon as possible.