Can You Use the Law of Attraction to Make Money

The American way of life is based on the theory that if you work hard and are a good person, wealth will come to you. But, we all know people who have worked hard all their lives and have received not a penny – and people who have been horrible people and have fallen backwards into wealth. It seems that sometimes the universe just isn’t fair.

But there is one way that many people use to get the money that they want and need, and to leave a life of debt far behind. The Law of Attraction and money go hand in hand, and whether you know it or not, the Law is already working for you – but it may be bringing you debt.

When the mailman comes, most people dread seeing a mailbox full of bills, and few of us imagine huge checks in there with our names on them. But, that is what people who use the Law of Attraction for money are known to do. They focus on an abundant mail call, one that is full of unexpected checks and good news, rather than bills and bad news.

That may seem like an unrealistic expectation, but many people who rely on the Law of Attraction to bring money have found that money comes from sources they didn’t even know exist. From an unexpected refund to a scholarship that comes out of nowhere, many people find that they get just the amount of money that they asked for. The real key, they have found, is not to ask for what you need (and thereby focusing on your debt), but on what you want, without regards to where it will come from. Only then will you be open enough to have the Law of Attraction work for you, too.