Doctor Accused Of Surgical Penis Enlargement Mistakes

Dr Rheinschild of California faces possible disciplinary actions and even a reprimand of his medical practice following accusations that he botched 3 penis enhancement procedures between 2003 and 2005.

According to the press, Rheinschild, age 75, is believed to have caused gross negligence in his treatment of 3 men and of continuing to perform surgery despite revealing signs of eye problems.

Explaining his case, Rheinschild’s lead attorney claims that these allegations against his visual capacity are propaganda, as a Judge has already proclaimed that Rheinschild is not visually impaired. Continuing in his announcement, his attorney believes these claims are a result of other practitioners looking to corrupt his reputation, and nothing more.

Do They Have A Case?

Penile enlargement procedures are established for holding an element of risk, primarily causing penile shortening and deformity, and it could be assumed that this is what happened to these men.

As his attorney explained: “…like any cosmetic procedure, somebody gets a result they don’t like. That is something you have got to be prepared to expect.”

Penis enlargement surgery is not recognized as being risk free or effective by the Medical Association, and as a result media outlets are backing claims that Dr Rheinschild’s penis enlargement surgeries often ended negatively.

In the accounts given by the Medical Association, the 3 clients announced the following information.

Accuser 1: Patient sought out Dr Rheinschild for penis enlargement surgery in 2003, and at the time expressed his worries that Dr Rheinschild seemed a bit out of sorts. Characterised by his medical team as being ‘eccentric’ but the best surgeon in his niche, the man agreed to the surgery only to later discover that his penis was deformed. Despite asking for corrective surgery Rheinschild refused.

Accuser 2: Twenty-One year old patient approaches Rheinschild in 2005. In his account he reports that Dr Rheinschild’s surgical hands mostly twitched and his memory was slow. Thirty-five days after the expensive procedure, the skin graft applied to his penis ripped open and his penis quickly shortened. After repeatedly attempting to get a meeting with Rheinschild (who refused) the claimant went to another cosmetic surgeon to acquire cosmetic surgery on his penis shaft.

Accuser 3: Following penile enhancement surgery implemented by Rheinschild, patient three complained of pain and a large cut after skin was removed from his lower back to construct the graft. As well as this discomfort the claimant complained that his skin was turning black. Despite attempting to contact Rheinschild continually, his calls were never returned until claimant 3 threatened to take his case to Medical officials.

Will He Lose His Surgical Licence?

Since these accusations dating back to 2005, Dr Rheinschild is noted for having implemented hundreds of cosmetic surgeries without errors occurring and as a consequence, a Judge has proclaimed against an instant suspension of his licence.

Further court cases are expected to occur in January 2010.

Safe Penis Enlargement

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