Have You Been Injured By A Loose Manhole Contact A New York Car Accident Lawyer

New York City is a very busy city and with more than eight million people living in it. This many people moving around the city everyday wears down the city streets. As a result of this wear and tear people are working around the clock to fix damage that have been done. According to New York Car Accident Lawyers one of the biggest causes for concern while driving in the city is manholes.

A manhole is a hole in the ground which construction workers, utility workers, and electricians use as a means of utility storage. The most common use of manholes is to connect utilities that are stored underground, to the surface. Many manholes in New York City are connected to the underground sewer system. Manholes can normally be found at main intersections to make it easier for construction workers to access them. Although manholes may seem safe to many drivers, they arent. New York car accident lawyers have dealt with many cases where drivers have driven over manholes only to become stuck in the manhole and in some occasions even on fire.

There have been cases where manholes have actually been left uncovered by careless workers and have resulted in fatal accidents. The most common problem associated with manholes is the manhole cover looks stable to the driver but once the weight of the car is on top of it, the manhole cover becomes very unstable and may slide from under the tire. This can be very dangerous not only for the driver but also any pedestrians or cars traveling around the area. Manhole covers in New York City have also been found to be faulty or cracked which can cause damage to your car and other cars around you. If you are harmed by a faulty or broke manhole contact a New York car accident lawyer and file a personal injury claim.

Manholes that are left open create panic for drivers approaching them, in order to avoid the open manhole many drivers will try to avoid it by swerving around the road or into another car. This sometimes can cause more damage to the driver than actually going into the manhole. New York car accident lawyers have dealt with all different types of accidents as a result of faulty manholes and have won many cases. There have been situations where cities have tried to avoid costly lawsuits about manholes by placing the blame on other companies that they claim. New York car accident lawyers are here to help if you have been in a car accident as a result of a poorly taken care of manhole.