Law Firm Social Media Blogging Your Way To Increased Business

Blogs are a must for virtually any professional these days and have become critical for success in highly competitive markets. This has become particularly true for the legal profession.

While the number of law firms using blogs is still small as part of the law firm social media efforts, it is growing, according to the most recent American Bar Association Legal Technology Survey. The surveys authors conclude blogging is an immediate opportunity for firms in the law firm social media efforts, especially those that practice in highly specialized disciplines of law.

What the most recent American Bar Association Legal Technology Survey found was that 12.2 of small practices (2-9 attorneys) were regularly writing a blog, up more than two percent from the year before. While that number is still small, the survey also found that 50 percent of those small and solo legal practices had secured new clients as a direct result of their blog marketing.

Blogs are particularly effective and should be a central part of any law firm social media program for a variety of reasons:

*Displaying intellectual capital. People want to do business with smart people and a blog is a great way to put your intellectual capital on display.

*Finding you. When researching a topic of interest, your blog shows up and the next step is you receive a phone call from the prospective client, which, if converted, more than pays for your Law Firm Social Media program.

*SEO purposes. This one goes hand in hand with the above point. More blog posts, the chances are that your firms rankings will improve in search engines presently another opportunity to gain new clients and more than justifying the expenses associated with a law firm social media undertaking.

However, once you start blogging you must continue to do so. It is best to stick to a schedule and, should the situation merit, be prepared to post a blog on a relevant news topic. Blogging in and of itself is just one aspect of a law firm social media campaign and, in addition to promoting your blog, there are other channels to consider as well. An indispensible part of your law firm social media efforts should be an active Twitter account which you should make use of on a daily basis.