maxims Of Common Law’ Are Ignored In Family Court

Courts make determinations in law and in equity. By ‘in law’ is meant following a specific law – constitutional law, state law, etc. By ‘in equity’ is meant determining what is ‘fair’ to do where now law specifically rules. An example is determining how to distribute the assets in a divorce among the husband and wife.

Common law refers to the myriad of decisions made by judges and appeals courts. Maxims of Common Law are ‘guiding truths’. Adhering to them helps judges make fairer decisions. They’re ignored in family court determinations since fairness is a wholly secondary issue. This article overviews what these maxims are.

Maxims are absolutely essential to the preservation of rights and fair treatment to all litigants. Maxims:

* represent ‘self-evident’ truth – as mentioned in our Declaration of Independence when it referred to ‘all men’ as being created equal.

* serve to guide judicial determinations in the same way that ‘axioms’ guide the analysis of mathematical … Read the rest

Lemon Law And Manufacturer Defenses

The Attorney Generals Office of the State of New York is currently engaging in a statewide campaign to educate seniors on consumer fraud issues. Called, The Smart Seniors Program, the presentations are being given by Kristin-Liliana Manzur, lemon law coordinator and consumer frauds compliance officer from the Attorney Generals office. The program is designed to warn seniors of potential rip-offs.

Such programs would not be needed if it were not for the fact that, in the instance of vehicle purchases, for example, dealers and manufacturers would just play straight when they sold a consumer a lemon. Instead, however, there is a multitude of defenses used by vehicle manufacturers when a lemon law claim is presented.

Unfortunately, you will find that a manufacturers first line of defense is often either denial or outright falsehood, explained Norman Taylor, leading California lemon law attorney. Service writers will claim you said things that you never said, or may claim that you never said things … Read the rest

Get The Right Legal Solution And Assistance From Qualified Cobb Criminal Lawyer

Life is unpredictable and sometimes, minor problems turn into major one and leave people in dilemma of taking the right step to come out of these problems. If for any reason, an arrest warrant is issued against you or one is trying to sue you in the court, then you should keep patience and look for professional lawyers who have expertise enough in the profession. Nothing can be the better way than this one because qualified lawyers know what to do and how to get you come out of the situation successfully and with clean slate. Another point to keep in mind is that one can be the victim of these problems anywhere and anytime. If you are the resident of Cobb and have been charged for any criminal or any kind of other legal matter, you should immediately look for qualified lawyer as they are the professionals who guide you at every step.

Qualified Cobb criminal lawyers leave no … Read the rest

Life After An Automobile Accident What Automobile Accident Lawyers Do To Help

One can only do so much to protect and prevent himself from encountering an automobile accident. However nobody can absolutely say that he is safe from meeting one and once it does occur, it is worthy to be knowledgeable about what to do in order to minimize the physical, mental, emotional, and economic injuries arising from an automobile accident.

Automobile accident damage comes in different faces; it may be a physical frailty and/or a physical disability, emotional distress, economic burden, loss of employment, mental perturbation, etc.

Yet, there is still much to live for after an automobile accident. An automobile accident victim can secure for himself compensation and restitution through the legal system. At this juncture, the assistance of automobile accident lawyers is most crucial.

Take note that a victim of an automobile accident may be able to secure compensation and restitution for his different types of distresses through the judicial system, if the fault or negligence giving rise to … Read the rest

Use the Law of Attraction to Get More Money

Most of us spend far too much time focused on our debt, and not enough dreaming about what we would do with unlimited wealth. Because wealth is so far out of reach for many people, it is easy to succumb to the debt that is in front of you. But, when it comes to the Law of Attraction and money, when you think of debt and focus on it, that is exactly what you will get – more debt. So, in order to get out from under it, you have to find another way to think.

The first thing you have to do is believe in the Law of Attraction and money and not try to figure out how it will work. Don’t try to think what checks will arrive in today’s mail, because when the Law of Attraction is working at its best, all of the money is unexpected and comes from sources that you never even considered. You … Read the rest

What Does Vibration Have To Do With the Law Of Attraction

The theory behind the law of attraction is the idea that energy magnetises to it, like energy in the huge expanse of space and time that comprises our universe. Everyone’s being is constantly radiating energy out into space; the type of energy being radiated is identified by the emotional state of the person in question and might vary from day to day-sometimes even hour to hour!

This emotional energy is exactly what is generally known as a “vibe” and is referred to as a vibration by scientists researching the law of attraction. Possibilities are that you are familiar with the term. Have you ever been with someone who is so happy they appear to be radiating a “radiance which inspires happiness in all those around them? By the same token, have you ever before hung around with somebody who was so critical and miserable that they regularly produced a “negative vibration” which seemed to suck the life and joy out … Read the rest

The Law Of Attraction Simplified How To Leverage The Law To Really Get The Life You Want

Understanding The Facts About the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is a universal law in place and at work regardless of whether we are conscious of it or not. Just like the law of gravity, if we are conscious of it or not, it exists and it is at work constantly. Scientists, inventors, and manufacturers leverage the law of gravity to create mechanisms that advance life and improve our quality of life.

The same goes for the Law of Attraction; if you recognize it and leverage it, you can utilize it to create the kind of life you want, creating happiness and fulfillment in every aspect of your life.

The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like. This means that what goes on in our minds otherwise described as our internal state will produce the events, circumstances, things, people, and happenings that we experience. What we focus on, dwell upon, think about and imagine consistently will eventually … Read the rest

Allowing Your Bankruptcy Lawyer To Help You

Even just considering filing for bankruptcy can leave you with a negative feeling in the pit of your stomach and you will have nightmarish thoughts of losing your house and each dream you ever had of a comfortable life will appear to shatter before your eyes. The fact is you are not unique. Thousands of other consumers are in the same place and having the same nightmares as you.

There is real hope for your situation, but this relies on utilizing an experienced bankruptcy lawyer to help you through the bankruptcy process. A bankruptcy lawyer will determine that your negative financial situation doesn’t inevitably mean you have to live out your nightmare scenario. In fact, the best bankruptcy lawyers will and have in previous years helped people to get through the grief of bankruptcy every day and are experts in this field.

Bankruptcy situations that pertain to individual cases are normally better handled by experienced bankruptcy lawyers. This applies even … Read the rest

The Law Of Attraction – Thoughts, Attainment

The attainment of a person is equal to the thoughts of that person, this is the principle of the law of attraction. A person is responsible for their own thoughts and the blame cannot be placed on another person. Whether positive or negative, whether uplifting or degrading, a persons thoughts will determine the attainment a person has in life. According to the law of attraction the thoughts of a person, creates the person.

A person of lower status can not rise to a higher position with the help of another unless he allows that person to help. If the person of lower status does wish to have greater attainment in his life and allows the stronger person to help, he still has a lot of work to do. The weaker person must become stronger, bring the negative thoughts under control and attainment in life can be the persons.

It is well known that there are men in the world who … Read the rest

Avoiding Labor Law Poster Scams Tips To Save Businesses Time And Money

All employers are required by law to display labor law posters-but how do business owners know that the posters they use are authentic and up to date? It’s a challenge facing millions of businesses, many of which have lost money to poster scam artists.

Here’s how the con works: A scam artist visits a business posing as a government agent, or mails an official-looking solicitation to a business. Business owners are led to believe-often wrongly-that the labor law posters they are displaying are not in compliance with current regulations. The business owner is then strong-armed into paying excessive fees for outdated or unnecessary posters.

Protecting Your Business

Business owners can avoid labor law poster scams by partnering with a qualified poster provider. Legitimate third-party poster sellers offer an easy way to save time, avoid scams, and keep businesses in compliance with current laws.

“Qualified poster providers notify businesses only when mandatory updates are required,” noted Ashley Kaplan, compliance attorney with … Read the rest