Hiring a Criminal DUI Lawyer in Tucson

If you’ve just been arrested for DUI, you have a very limited time to call a lawyer request a DMV hearing to avoid an automatic loss of your driver’s license. In most states, if you miss your deadline, you waive your right to a hearing, and your license will automatically be suspended after one month. By filing a hearing request, you can drive legally until your hearing which is often scheduled months ahead of time.

Don’t Panic

Being arrested for DUI doesn’t always mean a conviction. Issues that help clients win cases aren’t always readily apparent–except to a DUI lawyer. In cases involving breath tests, lawyers can obtain the maintenance and calibration records for the machine used during the test. If there are problems, the test results can be excluded.

The Burden of Proof

In the American justice system, the burden of proof is on the prosecution. During a DUI case, the prosecutor uses four criteria: the client’s driving pattern, … Read the rest

Liberty League International What Happened Lli Died

You might be wondering Liberty League International what happened why did you shut down the business well liberty league international had a bad case of bad publicity that they just could shake off so they had to close the doors on LLI.

The reason they had bad publicity was because in 2005 the Arizona Attorney General’s office received complaints from some people who had joined Liberty League International and did not get the results they had hoped for so the attorney general’s office did an investigation of Liberty League International and found a few discrepancies. Liberty League was fined $114,000 and was required to make some minor changes to comply with the state regulations.

Liberty League International could never really recover from this negative publicity so they basically changed the name to Polaris Media Group then changed the products and compensation plan so in essence what happened to liberty league international is they started a new company.

Liberty Leagues products … Read the rest

The Law Of Attraction – How You Can Apply It In Your Life

Are you familiar with the law of attraction? It talks about how your current thoughts can determine the outcomes of daily situations. You see, our thoughts and situations are made up of energy, and this energy attracts like energy. That is just how the Universe works. Hence, if you are an optimistic person, you tend to experience positive happenings, whereas if you are a pessimist, you may tend to experience bad happenings. I will be talking about this in greater detail in this article, so do stick around for what I am about to share with you. I believe it can change your life, and not just your perspectives in life.

Always Stay Positive

For a start, you should always stay positive. Make it a habit to think positive thoughts, even when you do not feel like. By doing so, the energy within you becomes positive, and you are telling the Universe, -I have all this positive energy in me, … Read the rest

Tips On Choosing The Best Injury Lawyer

Accidents are happening every day. An accident makes the best headlines. Sometimes it may be our fault and at times it may be the fault of somebody else. It does not matter who is to blame you are still going to need an injury lawyer.

An injury lawyer is somebody who is hired when a person decides to file for compensation for the pain and injury caused to him. .

Most often people do not like to hire attorneys and think of representing themselves. In cases like divorce and child custody representing yourself may not seem such a bad idea. However, if you have had an injury then neither are you physically fit nor mentally. It is therefore advisable to hire an attorney to represent you.

Finding the right lawyer for your case may not be easy. Here are a few points to keep in mind while looking for one:

1. Most people have used the services of a lawyer … Read the rest

Chapter 6 Bankruptcy Attorney – Investigate Your Alternatives

Bankruptcy can be a final ditch selection for many which end up not able to pay off big debts and lots of use a chapter 6 bankruptcy attorney. The bring about is a result of a decrease of career as well as unforeseen health-related costs that may be financially damaging with a family really rapidly. For those who have run out of choices and so are thinking about whether a bankruptcy proceeding will be the appropriate selection for you personally, areas items to consider.

1st a bankruptcy proceeding will be submitted throughout government court docket, not necessarily in the state stage therefore it is not necessarily something is easily set up with out the help of a chapter 6 bankruptcy attorney.

Your paperwork needed to file a bankruptcy proceeding is fairly included. And there are many involving foibles set up that may create filing a difficult method to pass through unless you completely understand what you should file. Including the … Read the rest

Mesothelioma Settlements Some Faqs

Considering a legal battle regarding mesothelioma and asbestos exposure can be a scary prospect. However, with the right mesothelioma legal professionals, the process can flow much smoother and most often with better results; including mesothelioma settlements. There are number of questions that many people may have regarding mesothelioma settlements. Below are just a few of the concerns we have heard in recent years.

Are mesothelioma settlements typically subject to income tax fees and requirements?

Generally speaking, settlement money earned from a personal injury is not taxable by most states. This same principle applies to a mesothelioma settlement. However, taxes are charged to the representing Attorney who earns profits from a mesothelioma settlements contingency fee. If mesothelioma settlement monies are invested, then taxes will be applied to interest earned from this personal injury.

What options exist for individuals with limited income, when seeking a mesothelioma settlement?

Quite often, attorneys will offer a special contract for legal services. This contract provides all … Read the rest

Personal Injury lawyer explaining protection mechanism

Injury is part of our life whether we stay a home or outdoors. You will hardly find any person on the planet without experience of childhood injuries. Those injuries were the result of our energy as a child and sometimes for being more adventurous. Those injuries were never fought in a court room. This doesn’t imply that injuries aren’t tried in court.

Here in USA you have a specific branch of law specializing in injuries of different kind. This branch of law is known as personal injury law and the legal experts in this law are known as personal injury lawyer. This branch of law is not of national importance like aviation law, maritime law, etc.

As a result it is not the concern of the federal courts and the federal government. There are several types of sub-categorization under personal injury law:

Product liability

Driving under Influence

Animal attack

Fall related injury

Medical malpractice

As the law falls under the … Read the rest

Rule 144 Checklist Securities Lawyer 101- Go Public Blog

The Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the Securities Act) requires the sale of a security to be registered under the Securities Act, unless the security or transaction qualifies for an exemption from registration. Rule 144 of the Securities Act provides a safe harbor that permits holders of restricted securities to resell their securities in the public market if specific conditions are met. In order to remove the legend from certificates representing shares being resold in reliance upon Rule 144, an opinion from an SEC attorney is required.

Rule 144 also applies to the public sale of any securities held by directors, executive officers and other affiliates of the issuer. Rule 144 is potentially available for the resale of two types of securities: restricted and control securities. A security can be both a restricted and a control security. Rule 144 imposes a holding period only on restricted securities. Restricted securities are securities acquired from an issuer, or an affiliate of … Read the rest

Reasons Law Firms Hire Virtual Legal Receptionists

A lawyer’s time is precious. Time management often determines the outcome of a case, especially for solo and small firm attorneys. Yet many attorneys become bogged down with answering phones, keeping track of messages, or overseeing an on-staff receptionist. Some savvy solo and small firm attorneys, however, have discovered a simple, cost-efficient way to find extra time: hiring a virtual legal receptionist.

Many business owners are presently surprised by the professionalism of a modern answering service. Lawyers across the country have found virtual reception services remarkably helpful. Virtual legal receptionists provide phone answering services from a remote location, and the best attorney answering services employ cutting-edge technology to ensure legal clients can’t detect that they’re speaking to a remote receptionist. In addition to cheerfully, respectfully answering incoming calls, today’s virtual receptionists can answer clients’ questions, transfer live calls, forward messages via text or email, and convey the kind of sincere interest that wins new accounts.

Following are the top five … Read the rest

Law Firm Social Media Blogging Your Way To Increased Business

Blogs are a must for virtually any professional these days and have become critical for success in highly competitive markets. This has become particularly true for the legal profession.

While the number of law firms using blogs is still small as part of the law firm social media efforts, it is growing, according to the most recent American Bar Association Legal Technology Survey. The surveys authors conclude blogging is an immediate opportunity for firms in the law firm social media efforts, especially those that practice in highly specialized disciplines of law.

What the most recent American Bar Association Legal Technology Survey found was that 12.2 of small practices (2-9 attorneys) were regularly writing a blog, up more than two percent from the year before. While that number is still small, the survey also found that 50 percent of those small and solo legal practices had secured new clients as a direct result of their blog marketing.

Blogs are particularly effective … Read the rest