Short Sale Law In California Is Here To Help Eliminate Foreclosures Inevitably

The Short Sale Law in California is helping a lot of people. The law is giving people the opportunity to keep their homes and not have to suffer foreclosure. Many people are a tad bit confused on how this law can benefit them, and cause these excellent results. It helps to gain a better understanding of what the law truly is.

The Short sale law in California is a law that was enforced to help during the economic recession. Many people are struggling during these hard times; unemployment seems to be consistently rising, as well as expenses for pertinent things that we stand in need of. A few things that seem to be consistently rising in price are food, and gasoline.

People ultimately need food in order to survive, and they need gasoline as a means to get them to and from their place of employment. With the recession in full swing and prices for necessities at an all time high, people were losing their homes left and right.

The short sale law allows people the opportunity to negotiate a price that they can afford to pay on their mortgage. Everyone knows that a big chunk of mortgage payments are simply going towards excess fees and finance charges, they are not being applied to the overall home that you are trying to buy.

You can seek help from a specialist that knows a thing or two about short sales to assist you with the process. What you basically need to do, is sit down with your mortgage lender, and let them know your current financial obligations are exceedingly too much to continue paying the large amount on your mortgage every month.

Many companies are hesitant at first to apply with your demands, but the fact of the matter is Short sales take up a lot less time then a foreclosure would, and they are seen less expensive. Mortgage companies lose out on a lot when a home goes up for foreclosure. Most of the funds will never be returned.

So, when the company and you reach an agreement that suits the both of you, this is a turning point in your current financial arrangement. The amount that is taken off of your home does not need to be repaid. However, since such a substantial amount was removed in order to assist you with the burdens of life. You will be required to file the amount that was taken off of your mortgage as taxable income.

You will receive a 1099 form at the end of the year, you are to record the exact amount that was taken off of your mortgage during the short sale. You will still be held responsible for paying taxes on that amount, so the smart thing to do, is save up as much money as you can throughout the year to be able to pay your taxes on the amount.

You don’t want to be blessed with being able to do a Short Sale, just to wind up in a different boat with the IRS because you can’t pay the taxes on the amount due.