With The Help Of An Experienced Accutane Attorney You Can Take Action Against Roche Pharmaceuticals

People with a history of Accutane use who are now experiencing the symptoms of an inflammatory bowel disease have learned that there is likely a connection. Research has shown that among the most serious of the previously unknown Accutane side effects is an increased risk for inflammatory bowel diseases. But the discovery of this link is something that was not acknowledged by the makers of the drug, Roche Pharmaceuticals, until 2009 when they finally took it off the shelves following a black box warning from the FDA. Unfortunately, Accutane had been on the market since 1982, which means millions took the drug without knowing that they were greatly increasing their chances of coming down with an inflammatory bowel disease.
Many former patients have decided to enlist the services of an Accutane attorney have learned of the negligence that Roche showed in regards to their lack of Accutane warnings, particularly because some believe the drug company was aware of the potential … Read the rest