What You Should Do After You Finish Your Law Degree

If you are fresh out of University in the United Kingdom and are searching for graduate law jobs or are contemplating a career in law; here is a look at the various prospects available,

The sources of legal employment opportunities; the qualifications needed to get a good job and how you can go about increasing your chances of securing employment.

The Education: Since the legal system in England, Scotland and Wales is quite different from Northern Ireland and Scotland, the routes to getting the proper qualification needed for lawyer as well as other entry level law jobs can vary significantly. For instance, In England and Wales, law graduates are expected to take the Bar Vocational Course (BVC) or a legal Practice Course (LPC) while professionals with a non law degree will need to complete the one year Graduate Diploma in law before they take the LPC course.

On the other hand in Scotland, law students will be expected to complete … Read the rest