The Law Of Attraction – Thoughts, Attainment

The attainment of a person is equal to the thoughts of that person, this is the principle of the law of attraction. A person is responsible for their own thoughts and the blame cannot be placed on another person. Whether positive or negative, whether uplifting or degrading, a persons thoughts will determine the attainment a person has in life. According to the law of attraction the thoughts of a person, creates the person.

A person of lower status can not rise to a higher position with the help of another unless he allows that person to help. If the person of lower status does wish to have greater attainment in his life and allows the stronger person to help, he still has a lot of work to do. The weaker person must become stronger, bring the negative thoughts under control and attainment in life can be the persons.

It is well known that there are men in the world who hold control over others. These men seem to not allow others to the attainment of material and spiritual goals. The truth is, this is only how it seems. people who are being oppressed by another are allowing themselves to be oppressed. The person who is being oppressed has negative, self defeating thoughts and by this he attracts the oppressor and never reach the attainment in life he is capable of until he changes his thoughts. The law of attraction brings the oppressor to the oppressed and they fulfill each others needs based on each persons thoughts.

The attainment a person has in life is based completely on the uplifting, positive thoughts, ambitions and willingness to follow these thoughts. The law of attraction does not care if you want to live a miserable life in poverty and addiction. Just the same the law of attraction does not care if you live a rich, happy, fulfilled life. The decision is yours and yours alone. No other can make this decision for the attainment of happiness, wealth and fulfillment except you. Yes we can blame others for the situation, poverty or unhappiness in your life, but that will get you only more of the same.

Attainment of knowledge is the direct results of thoughts and actions that pursue knowledge. This is the direct result of the law of attraction bringing the resources and opportunities to the individual. This is also the result of thoughts and ambitions working together for the attainment of a specific goal. Attainment of spirituality can be achieved through the correct thoughts and ambitions in the direction of the goal. Attainment of any goal will require the corresponding thoughts and ambitions, with these the law of attraction will come to the aid of the person and pave the way.

All attainment whether it is the spiritual, academic or business world is the direct result of thought coupled with ambition. These two things create an unbeatable force that will without doubt ignite the law of attraction in your favor and bring about your desired goal. To keep the law of attraction working towards our goal we must sacrifice the negative thoughts, keep good company, take care of our body’s and be willing to do whatever it takes to stay focused on our goal.