The Law Of Attraction – Thoughts, Fantasize

People who fantasize are the ones who make this world a place worth living. Fantasizing as we did when we where children will bring about a fire that will set your passion ablaze and kick the law of attraction into high gear. This world owes a lot to the people who could fantasize, think of the painters, composers, artist of all types, the sage, even the common person who adds a touch of beauty to everything they do. All great people in this world knew how to fantasize. First there is a small thought about something, then it grows and gains strength. As the thought grows the person begins to fantasize about the possibilities and outcome. From the fantasizing comes the ambition to create the reality from the fantasy. From the ambition comes the action to actually create what the person fantasized about and from the action comes the result.

Fantasize and keep the fantasies alive. These are the things that will get your heart beating a little faster, bring a tear of joy to your eye and make life fulfilling. If you fantasize and feed them the world you live in will be transformed to the life you want to live. You must feed them and keep them growing, if you do this the law of attraction will respond and make them a reality. To achieve something we must first fantasize about it. When you fantasize, the fantasy cannot be to big. Look around you, all things that you see in the stores, on the street, literally everywhere came from a person who knew how to fantasize. When you fantasize you are planting the seeds for the law of attraction to turn those thoughts into reality.

We have all heard the rag to riches stories. These are perfect examples of a person who took a thought, fantasized about it, turned it into an ambition, then took action. Typically they go something like a person arrived in a new country with only a couple dollars in their pocket. They knew no one and had no place to stay. With the law of attraction at their backs they turned their life into a world of riches, happiness and fulfillment. This is a person that because they where able to fantasize created the life they wanted. This person does not have an superhuman abilities or powers. This person is no better then you or me, they just utilized the law of attraction, thought and the ability to fantasize.

People tend to only see the results of things. We tend to contribute others good fortune to luck, outside forces, born to the right parents and so on. People seldom take the time to look what it took to get the results. This is still a world that requires action and the actions must first start with a thought, then one will fantasize which lights the passion and ambition that then turns into action. With persistent resolve of all the above the goal will be achieved, the law of attraction will see to it. A person can not just look at a result and think that is what I want and wonder why they do not have it. The steps must be followed – thoughts, fantasize, ambition, action, repeat until the result is achieved. The law of attraction will pave the way if a person follows the path.