Ways Not To Offend Your Mother-in-law

Who knows how to be the most ideal son-in-law?

Do you?

This is a tough question to be answered. Im sure some of you will be thinking of how on earth can this impossible task be accomplished.

I have heard of mother-in-laws swearing at their son-in-laws for not being filial. And for the minority of you, Im sure you are very well-loved by your mothe-in-laws.

No, it is not because you are extra handsome or charismatic such that you are well-loved by your mother-in-laws.

It is most probably you have done something really different from others and in fact, special such that your mother-in-laws love you so much, sometimes more than their daughters.

7 Ways Not to Offend Your Mother-In-Law

1. Respect your mother-in-law
Respect her just like how you would treat your own mother. And treat her in a very polite, courteous and respectful manner.

In fact, this is a simple rule which all of us like. We love to be treated in the right manner. All of us feel good when we are well-treated.

2. Bring her out once in a while
Some of you may be saying What?!! You must be crazy to even think about this?

I think this is a really tough task for some of you. When you bring your mother-in-law out for a meal or shopping, there are only two of you. You may have to talk to her face-to-face for the next 3 to 5 hours or so. And this can be worse than having the worst nightmare you can get.

Going out with her can allow you to spend some personal time to know your mother-in-law well. And do remember to pay for her meals too.

If she likes something that you can afford, buy them as gifts for her. Im sure she will be very pleased even though she may initially mentioned you shouldnt have spent such money.

Actually, she was just testing you.

To give her another bonus, pack some more food for her so that she can bring home and eat and praise you in front of your father-in-law while sharing the food with him.

3. Take the food for her at all times
Whenever the family sits together to have a meal, remember to serve your mother-in-law some food first.

Especially for the prawns, deshell them before giving her the prawn meats. This is the best you can do. Then do similarly for your father-in-law just in case he gets jealous and give you a hell of a time later.

Always take your own food last and make sure everybody is served by you. Do this even though you are the guest in her house.

4. Remember the days taht matter to her
Remember her birthday, the day she got married and other important days you can think of. Remember now you have 2 mothers and you have to remember to give flowers to her during the next coming Mothers Days.

5. Be sharp and know how she is
Do you know how is your mother-in-law coping at work now?
Do you know what stress she is facing now?
Do you know how her latest medical check-up is?

If you know the answers to all these, you have scored 9 upon 10 for knowing your mother-in-law well. When you ask her about her latest happenings in her life, she will feel that you are a filial child.

6. Call her mama
The first thing my mother-in-law told me on my wedding day was to call her Mummy. It made a big difference for them. To them, it meant not losing another daughter, but gaining another son.

7. Stand up for heronly when your wife is not around
In times of dispute between your wife and her mother, do stand at your wifes side.

However, if there is some dispute between your mother-in-law and someone else, do stand up for her even sometimes she may be wrong. I know what is going to be done is exceptionally not right but to have a smooth life ahead, there is one person in your life that you can must not offend.